The year-old iPhone 6S blows away Samsung's brand-new Galaxy Note 7 in a speed test

Samsung’s recently released Galaxy Note 7 is giving the Apple iPhone a run for its money as the top smartphone

But there’s one way the year-old iPhone 6S still beats the latest and greatest that Android has to offer: in a real world-simulating speed test.

PhoneBuff recently did its standard speed test on the Galaxy Note 7 and the iPhone 6S at the same time. And although on paper the iPhone 6S appears to have significantly weaker components than the Samsung, it was able to load several apps — such as games, the camera, and resource-intensive graphics programs — much more quickly than the Samsung phone. 

In fact, the iPhone beat the Galaxy Note 7 by nearly a minute under PhoneBuff’s test. 

Take a look for yourself: 

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