9 things you can do with the new iPhone 6S that you can't do with the iPhone 6

Apple’s new iPhone 6S officially launched on Friday.

Although it doesn’t look very different than the iPhone 6, there are a few tips, tricks, and shortcuts you can only access if you have Apple’s newest iPhone.

Here’s a look at some of the new features available on the iPhone 6S that make it stand out from the iPhone 6.

You can shoot Live Photos on the iPhone 6S. This means the camera captures the moments before and after you press the shutter button to create an image that slightly moves.

Steve Kovach/Tech Insider

You can jump into certain tasks within apps more quickly using 3D Touch. If you want to create a new Instagram post, for instance, you can press and hold down firmly on the app icon without even opening the app and just tap 'New Post.'

Lisa Eadicicco

You can take better selfies with the iPhone 6S since it has a flash on the front. The new iPhone illuminates the screen when you're taking a selfie in a dark setting. Check out the difference below.

Lisa Eadicicco

The photo on the left was taken with an iPhone 6S, while the one on the right was shot on an iPhone 6 Plus.

You can use your keyboard as a trackpad to accurately place the cursor wherever you want when typing. Just 3D Touch the keyboard, and it will turn into a trackpad.

Lisa Eadicicco

You can switch between apps just by pressing on the screen with 3D Touch. Just press and hold on the side of the screen when you're in any app to launch the app switcher.

Lisa Eadicicco

You can preview websites, dates, flight information, and other data without interrupting what you're doing. For example, if someone sends you a Safari link via text message, you can 3D Touch that link to bring up a preview of that website without leaving your text conversation (shown below).

Lisa Eadicicco

You can use Siri completely hands free even when your iPhone isn't plugged in. If you turn on 'Hey Siri,' you can ask her questions without even touching your iPhone. Apple's older iPhones need to be plugged into power to enable this feature.

Apple via YouTube

You can shoot 4K video on the new iPhone, too.

Lisa Eadicicco

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