Some owners are reporting that the new iPhone 6S randomly turns off and has other problems

Apple’s iPhone 6S has only been available since Friday, but a few owners are already experiencing issues with the device. 

Some issues include the phone randomly powering off, the home button becoming too hot, and audio distortion in the phone’s speakers, according to posts in Apple’s support forums. Blog 9to5Mac initially noticed the comments.

Some have said that the new iPhone randomly powers off even when the battery is still full.

Two commenters on the thread specified that the issue happened with a 128GB  iPhone 6s, and I’ve personally experienced the same problem with that same configuration twice.

Another thread describes an issue in which the home button became hot for no apparent reason. 

“I have had my phone since Friday, and this morning when I woke up the home button was burning hot and the screen is just black,” one commenter called JazzieFay wrote. 

A fix for both of those issues seems to be holding down the home button and the power button along the side of the phone. 

In another thread, a few users reported an audio quality issue with the iPhone 6S. One commenter known as Craigus91 said that there was a slight crackling/distortion sound coming from the bottom speaker.

A few owners complained about these issues on Twitter too:

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