The latest iPhone ad is a strange spot all about onions

The latest iPhone 6s spot is a somewhat bizarre 60-second spot called “Onions.”

The ad aims to show that shooting 4K video on the iPhone 6s makes anything look beautiful — even someone just chopping an onion.

In a departure from Apple’s often-used clinical advertising style, the ad shows a girl filming a woman chop an onion.

The girl’s brother passes the video around at work.

Someone then demands the onion video gets posted to the homepage immediately.

Text appears, describing the video as a “visual tour de force.”

The video becomes the subject of a university lecture, a gallery showpiece, and a blockbuster movie — which goes on to win a best picture award, presented by actor Neil Patrick Harris.

Apple also released another iPhone 6s TV ad on Monday, which takes on a more familiar style. The spot showcases the fingerprint Touch ID function on the device.

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