Apple wants us to know that everything has changed with its first iPhone 6S ad

The first ad for Apple’s iPhone 6s and 6s Plus follows on from the bold claim that CEO Tim Cook made on stage at its big event — that the company has already “changed everything” about the iPhone, making the two new models “the most advanced smartphones in the world.”

Like with previous ‘S’ models, Apple hasn’t made a single big change to its latest iPhone, but “The Only Thing That’s Changed Is Everything” ad highlights a series of very noticeable tweaks. It mainly focuses on the introduction of 3D touch to the iPhone’s screen, which lets users “peak into stuff” like messages, emails, Instagram photos, songs and news articles.

The new Siri, which will always have an ear open, listening for users to summon it with “Hey Siri,” makes an appearance too, as does the long-rumoured rose gold model. Selena Gomez also takes an emergency selfie with the new improved camera, which comes out particularly well because the iPhone’s entire screen now gives off a flash.

The argument it makes is that if you take all these small changes together, you’ll see that the iPhone 6s is a completely different beast indeed. 

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