Here's The Exact Time Apple Will Apple The IPhone 6 (Probably)

Today, Apple will announce the iPhone 6 as part of its mega-presentation in Cupertino, which will likely also include announcements about a new watch and payments system.

The keynote starts at 1 PM EST (or 10 AM Pacific time), but when exactly will the big iPhone news drop?

Dan Frommer at Quartz put together a fun chart showing how many minutes into the keynote Apple has started talking about its new iPhone in the past:

On average, Frommer points out, it has taken about 45 minutes for Apple to get to the iPhone part of its presentation. But that average is skewed by the big numbers from 3G and the 3GS, when the iPhone was part of a bigger event.

In the past three years, Apple has taken 22.33 minutes on average to get to the iPhone. Considering this is a bigger event, that may need some build up, we’re going to tack on another four minutes, and make an educated guess that Apple CEO Tim Cook should start talking about the iPhone at minute 27.

Put your guesses below!

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