The Latest iPhone 5 rumour Is That It Is Going To Save The US Economy

Tim Cook

Photo: Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

JP Morgan analyst Michael Feroli has written a note suggesting that Apple’s iPhone 5, to be announced tomorrow, could, by itself, grow the GDP between .25% and .5% in the fourth quarter.The maths in six steps:

  1. Feroli says JP Morgan’s other analysts say Apple will sell about 8 million phones for $600.
  2. Imported components should cost around $200 per phone, netting the GDP $400 per gadget.
  3. $400 x 8 million = $3.2 billion in GDP.
  4. $3.2 billion x four quarters = $12.8 billion.
  5. $12.8 billion = 33% boost.
  6. If the phone sells even better, the number gets closer to .5%.

.5% is a big boost. Most analysts predict the GDP will grow 1.5% to 2% in Q4.

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