Here's everything we know about Apple's rumoured stylus for its giant new iPad Pro

Apple is hosting an event today that could see the introduction of an iPad Pro, a device aimed at those who want to use an iPad to work. In order to cater to this market, many consider that a stylus-type device is essential — an idea backed up by Microsoft’s Surface Pro line.

Over the past months there have been a myriad of different rumours and patent applications from Apple surrounding the mythical stylus. The backstory to Apple and non-finger-based input devices is this: Steve Jobs famously told his biographer, Walter Isaacson, that if he saw a stylus “they [the company] blew it.” Ever since there, rumours that Apple would include such a thing have fizzled.

But, Steve Jobs no longer runs Apple and Tim Cook seems determined to market the iPad — a device that is seeing sales fall quarter-over-quarter — to enterprise customers which could involve a stylus as a key selling point that aids productivity.

Apple Stylus patentAppleA diagram from Apple’s patent for a stylus.

9to5Mac has reported recently that Apple is going to bundle a stylus in the box of the iPad Pro but has since backtracked and is now saying the stylus is an accessory that can be bought separately, just like Microsoft’s Surface Pen.

Business Insider previously reported that the stylus was a “different approach” than had previously been seen, an idea that is backed up by 9to5Mac, which describes it as “not look[ing] like a traditional” stylus.

Apple stylus patentAppleThe nib of Apple’s stylus as shown in a patent application.

Concurrent to these reports, Apple has been steadily filing multiple patent applications related to accessories for the iPad that can work with the screen. While patent applications rarely turn out to be gospel truth, this is a clear indication that Apple’s thinking has moved beyond fingers and thumbs.

The recent stylus rumours focus around Force Touch, the technology that enables a flat surface — i.e. a screen — to “feel” multiple levels of force that was introduced by Apple on the Watch. The iPhone 6S is rumoured to include the new technology and reports have suggested that the iPad Pro will too, making it the perfect companion for a stylus.

Microsoft Surface PenDigitalTrendsMicrosoft’s Surface comes with a Pen that increases the functionality.

Making the stylus an accessory would increase the price of the iPad Pro beyond its current level which, if reports are to be believed, is already pretty high. Of course, not all users want a stylus with the iPad but it would seem strange for Apple to introduce a product specifically aimed at a device and not bundle the two.

No one, not even those at Apple who have worked in conjunction with the rumoured stylus project, know what the device is like and so it will be surprise for all.

Business Insider will be live from Apple’s event tonight.

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