A Case For Apple's Giant iPad Might Have Just Leaked

We’re probably still a few months away from seeing new iPads from Apple, but a new leak may give us a clue about its size.

French blog Nowhereelse.fr just posted a new image of a case that’s supposedly made for Apple’s upcoming larger 12-inch iPad.

IPad Pro Air Plus Coque 01Nowhereelse.frThis might be a case for Apple’s iPad Pro.

There isn’t much we can really tell from the photo, other than the fact that it would indeed be larger than Apple’s current iPad. It also seems like it would be just as thin as the iPad Air.

While this case maker may have been sent the dimensions of the iPad in advance, either from Apple or from a source within Apple’s supply chain, it’s important to note that case manufacturers often try to guess the dimensions of Apple’s rumoured products in order to drum up hype for themselves. So this case, while real, may not actually fit Apple’s forthcoming 12-inch iPad.

Apple has been rumoured to be working on a larger iPad, possibly called the “iPad Pro,” for months, but we have yet to hear any announcements from the company. Bloomberg previously reported that Apple would release a 12.9-inch iPad in 2015, although there’s no indication of when we should expect to see it.

Apple used to hold its annual iPad events in March before moving them to October, so there’s a chance we’ll see a new iPad from Apple in two months or so. And, with the Apple Watch shipping in April, Apple may hold in event in March to announce new details on both devices. We won’t know for sure until Apple sends out its invitations.

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