Apple Developing A New iPad Mini With A High Resolution Screen And No Bezel For 2014

Phil Schiller iPad Mini

Apple will not have a revamped iPad Mini until the start of next year, DigiTimes reports, citing supply chain sources. 

It says Apple is planning to add a Retina display, and change the design to eliminate the bezel that runs along the edges right now. Production of this new iPad is expected to start in the fourth quarter, which means a release in early 2014. 

DigiTimes says that Apple will upgrade the current iPad Mini this year as a hold over until the redesigned iPad Mini hits the market. 

“Apple reportedly may first release a slightly updated version of the current iPad mini in the second half of 2013, which is expected to be lighter, thinner and equipped with improved specifications, the sources said,” writes DigiTimes.

We’d be surprised if it was thinner or lighter, but a spec bump makes sense. 

This is the second supply-chain sourced report we’ve seen saying that a high resolution iPad Mini won’t be out until next year

Apple has done very well with the current iPad Mini, which doesn’t have a Retina display.

It will probably be OK against the competition during the holiday season, but …

Every other tablet is going to be cheaper with a better screen. And if people think a better version of the iPad Mini is right around the corner, they might hold off on buying one. 

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