Apple is making it easier for developers to create a single app that works on both iPads and Macs

AppleApple CEO Tim Cook.

Apple announced during its WWDC event on Monday that iPad apps are coming to Mac computers.

Essentially, imagine the iPad App Store, but on a Mac. And now imagine using the apps you’ve been using on your iPad, but on your Mac.

That means the “Apple experience” between Mac and iOS devices will more be universal than ever, and the lines between mobile and desktop are getting fainter and fainter.

It varies from person to person, but the desktop/laptop Mac experience largely revolves around a web browser, like Safari or Chrome, where we run many of our daily services and tools. The same can’t be said for iPhone and iPad, where many of the services and tools we use are apps rather than a tab in the Safari app.

So far, Apple has only rolled out its own apps like Apple News, Stocks, and Voice Memos for Mac. Apple is making changes in its developer tools so that developers can make their mobile iOS apps compatible with MacOS, Apple’s computer operating system.

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