What To Expect From Apple's Big Product Announcement Tomorrow

Apple will hold its second big product announcement of the year tomorrow. It starts at 1 p.m. Eastern and we’ll have live coverage for you right here.

So, what’s on tap?

Here’s a quick breakdown of what to expect:

A New iPad

Apple’s new full-sized iPad is expected to get a face lift with a thinner and lighter design that mimics the iPad Mini. That means it’ll have a thinner border around the screen. Several reports have also said the new iPad will have the same zippy processor as the new iPhone 5S.

The new iPad’s design has leaked several times over the last few months. Here’s what it’ll likely look like:

A New iPad Mini With A High-Resolution Retina Display

Most expect Apple’s new second generation iPad Mini to get a high-resolution display, just like all the other iOS devices. Apple calls these displays Retina displays. They’re so sharp that it’s impossible to pick out individual pixels with the naked eye. Apple’s competitors like Google and Amazon already make smaller tablets with high-resolution displays like this, so this will be a big opportunity for Apple to catch up.

A Launch Date For The New Mac Computer Operating System

Apple originally announced Mavericks, the new version of its operating system for Mac computers, in June. It’s a small update, with some new features like Apple Maps, a redesigned calendar program, and access to digital books through the iBooks app. But that was just an early version of the software, and Apple isn’t expected to make it available until later this fall. We’ll likely get a formal launch date and price for Mavericks tomorrow.

New MacBook Pros With Faster Processors

Apple’s fastest laptop, the MacBook Pro, will likely get faster processors from Intel. These processors are called “Haswell” processors and provide more power without killing the battery. Apple put a Haswell processor in the thin and light MacBook Air this summer, which now gives the device about 10 hours of battery life.

A Launch Date For The New Mac Pro Desktop Computer

Apple originally introduced the Mac Pro, a super-powerful desktop computer for video and graphics professionals, in the summer. Apple will likely announce a launch date and final pricing for the Mac Pro tomorrow.

Updated Apple TV Box?

Finally, there’s been a lot of chatter that Apple may refresh the Apple TV set-top box with some faster guts. However, there aren’t any solid reports on such a device, and it seems unlikely that Apple will announce anything TV related tomorrow.

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