Apple’s newest iPad, the iPad Air is out this morning.

We got in line like suckers to pick one up. Here’s the unboxing. We’ve barely played with it, but it does seem nice and light.

We’ll see what’s what in the next few hours. Until then…

Standard Apple iPad box here.

Open it up, always a thrill. And there it is, the new iPad.

Another angle at it before we really unpack this guy.

And it's out! Tucked behind are the plug and cable.

Fully unpacked.

Now, some comparison shots. An original iPad, iPad 3, and iPad Air.

The iPad Air doesn't look much more slender to our eyes than the iPad 3.

Stacked shot.

The screen is much more narrow, but the edges don't look too thin.

Oh, hello.

We happened to have a Surface 2, so we tossed it in for comparison.

And one more comparison shot of the Surface and the iPad Air.

And a side by side. The Surface is way longer.

And an edge to edge comparison.

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