These renders show what Apple might have planned for the next iPad

Apple may reveal a redesigned iPad later this year.

The latest rumours indicate that Apple plans to incorporate some of the features of the iPhone X into the new iPad – namely, Face ID, no home button, and slimmer bezels.

Designer Martin Hajektook inspiration from all the rumours so far and created 3D renders of what he’s calling the “iPad X.” The renders are by no means official, but until Apple unveils the new iPad, they could give us a solid idea of what’s coming.

This is a redesigned 12.9-inch iPad Pro. From the back, it looks pretty similar to the iPad Pro you can buy right now — except for the iPhone X-style vertically-oriented camera.

From the side, this iPad looks a lot like the iPhone X — it features the same rounded corners and stainless steel edges.

Plus, it has a notch.

Like it does on the iPhone X, the notch on the iPad would house Apple’s TrueDepth camera system, which includes facial-recognition technology used to power Face ID.

And since this iPad would have Face ID, there would be no need for a home button or the Touch ID fingerprint scanner.

No home button means the screen could be much larger. In Hajek’s rendering, the screen takes up almost the entire front of the iPad. However, it’s unlikely to be an OLED screen like the iPhone X.

Source: Bloomberg

While there’s no guarantee this is what the new iPad will look like, Apple is almost certain to release a new version in 2018. According to Bloomberg, a new iPad is coming by the end of this year.

Source: Bloomberg

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