Apple Has A Deeply Discounted Collection Of Apps To Make Your Life Easier -- Grab Them While You Still Can

Looking to be more productive?

Well you’re in luck. Apple has a deeply discounted collection of apps to help you tackle your daily tasks in a faster and more efficient way, and we’ve put them all in one place so you can see which ones you like.

Some of the discounts offer up to 60% off the usual price, but it’s only for a limited time, so make sure you grab these while you still can.

Workflow is a powerful way to save time.

Workflow lets you customise your phone so that you can skip time-wasting tasks. By telling your phone what to do when it notices a certain action, you can instruct your phone to call an Uber before your next calendar appointment, upload your last photo to Twitter, and virtually any other string of actions you can think of.

Price: $US1.99

Clear is a simple, well-designed, to-do list to help you stay on track.

Clear is one of the simplest ways to keep track of what you need to do. You can easily drag and re-order your to-dos, and adding a new item is as easy as pulling down your list and typing it in. When you're done with a task, just swipe right.

Price: $US1.99

Duet Display turns your iPad into a secondary display for your Mac.

Looking to get some more use out of your iPad? Duet lets you connect your iPad to your Mac as a second display so you have some extra screen real estate. The best part? It skips the lag of connecting over wi-fi and instead connects your iPad to your Mac using the iPad charging cable.

Price: $US7.99

Fantastical 2 is one of the best calendar apps around.

Fantastical 2 is exactly what you want in a modern calendar app. You can see reminders and calendar events together in one list, and you can create events by simply typing a sentence like 'Get drinks with Tim at 8pm.' If you want to create a reminder instead, just start your sentence with 'Remind me to...'

Price: $US1.99

Recordium Pro offers more features than Voice Memos.

Recordium Pro is the audio recorder that can do everything: You can annotate portions of audio for future reference, edit on the fly, highlight clips, and share the final product over Google Drive, Dropbox, Evernote, or email.

Price: $US3.99

Daily Routine gives a unique look to your daily schedule.

Daily Routine uses a colourful daily schedule to break your day down into tasks you need to do. The interesting layout makes it easy to tweak event details and reminders with its 'time spiral' control.

Price: $US0.99

If you make lists to stay organised, try ListBook.

ListBook is a list-centric reminder app that makes it easy to assign due dates to shopping lists, projects at work, and creative ideas. There's also location-based reminders, so you can set it up to remind you to get your grocery shopping out of the way when you walk by the grocery store.

Price: $US0.99

GoodTask is better at reminders app than Apple's own version.

GoodTask is a powerful task manager with an elegant, minimalist design. You can schedule reminders and reccuring events, and it plugs into your iPhone's Calendar app so you what's coming up.

Price: $US1.99

Procraster is great for figuring out what's keeping you from completing a task.

When you're working on a lot of projects all at once, it can easy to let something slip through the cracks. Procraster helps keep this from happening with the ability to track your time usage with charts, identify 'blocks' holding you back, delegate and tag tasks, and organise to-dos by area of responsibility. It's great for people who procrastinate.

Price: $US1.99

If you wish your calendar showed you more, try miCal.

miCal is a great calendar app for people who like to see more information rather than less. The app's dashboard features the current weather, month overview, and complete rundown of your upcoming events. You can also create events by typing natural sentences too.

Price: $US0.99

Daily Notes is flexible note-taking app.

Whether you're looking to keep a journal, take notes during class or meetings, or keep tabs on what's on your mind, Daily Notes makes it easy with a coloured tab system that's completely customisable.

Price: $US2.99

Calendars 5 is a great iPhone and iPad calendar.

Calendars 5 is a smartly designed mobile calendar that makes it easy to input events with its natural language input. Just type in 'Meet Kyle at Chipotle at 6pm' and it will automatically turn that into an event.

Price: $US2.99

iAnnotate PDF gives you plenty of way to mark up a PDF.

iAnnotate PDF is a versatile app for marking up PDFS, and you can create your own custom moveable toolbars with a suite of tools to choose from including a highlighter, pen, typewriter, note, stamp, straight-line, underline, strikeout, voice recording, photo, and date stamp tools.

Price: $US4.99

NotesPlus is note-taking app with an emphasis on natural gestures.

If you're a fan of old-fashioned, pencil-on-paper notes, NotesPlus is as close as you'll get to the real thing. The app's intuitive vector-based system turns your handwritten notes into text, and you can select multiple drawings and notes together by simply drawing a circle around them. There's a built-in web browser that you can swipe right to access, which makes grabbing images and details a cinch.

Price: $US4.99

Awesome Calendar lets you add notes and photos to your events.

If you find yourself wishing you could attach a relevant photo or note to prep for your calendar events, Awesome Calendar is for you. Designed for the multitasking worker, it lets you add photos, share events, check the weather, and create to-do lists.

Price: $US2.99

Notebooks 7 is a hybrid text editor and task management app.

Aside from letting you create and edit documents, projects, to-do lists, and tasks, Notebooks 7 also has some powerful features. You can export to eBook and PDF and there's even a handy HTML to Markdown converter.

Price: $US5.99

Notepad+ turns your iPad into a sketch board.

Notepad+ is a nice alternative to NotesPlus. You can draw, annotate PDFs, customise templates, cut and paste, and even password protect particular notes.

Price: $US4.99

GoodNotes 4 is a note-taking app that grows with you.

GoodNotes 4 lets you take searchable handwritten notes in addition to annotating PDFs, but its coolest feature is the future-proof digital ink that will still look good even if you view your notes on a fancy 4K display.

Price: $US2.99

MagicalPad is great for outlining your thoughts.

The best way to think of MagicalPad is as a virtual sandbox, meaning you can make of it what you want to. You can outline notes, map out ideas, brainstorm steps, manage tasks and lists, and more, all on the same page.

Price: $US4.99

Looking for some more amazing apps?

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