Apple's First Update To Fix Bugs In IOS 8 Is Probably Coming Soon

Apple is preparing to roll out an update to its carrier partners that will fix some of the complaints we’ve been hearing about iOS 8, according to MacRumors. The blog says a source has revealed that the update will fix issues with the iPhone’s keyboard among other bugs users have reported recently.

Carrier partners are supposedly testing the new update, which is said to be called iOS 8.0.1.

Here’s a list of bugs the update will reportedly fix:

  • Addresses bugs with call forwarding and freezing when accessing voicemail
  • Fixes an issue with the keypad not appearing when asked to enter iCloud Keychain verification codes
  • Fixes a problem with videos not playing in Safari
  • Fixes AirDrop support for Passbook passes
  • Addresses an issue with installing VPN profiles

There are still a handful of reported issues that aren’t included in MacRumors’ list. Some iOS 8 users have posted to Twitter that the keyboard has disappeared while using third party apps such as Facebook, for example.

MacRumors notes that it will probably take more than one update to full address all of the bugs in iOS 8, and there’s no telling exactly when it will launch. It’s not uncommon for big software updates like this to be buggy when they’re initially released. Last year, Apple rolled out its first update to iOS 7 just one day after the operating system was released.

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