Stunning, High-Res Photos Of Apple's New iPhone Operating System iOS 7

Apple WWDC iOS7 layered homescreen calendar

Apple unveiled iOS 7 today — a new mobile operating system for iPhones, iPads, and iPods. 

Here’s the short, short version: a new look, flat design, easier navigation, iTunes Radio, smarter apps, and improved Siri.

We’ve collected a bunch of images of the new OS, so you can check out every aspect.

The slide to unlock is very minimal.

Once you're inside, this is what the new home screen looks like.

This is the control centre. To get to you simply swipe up from the bottom of the screen.

You can get to basic settings like aeroplane Mode, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, even a flashlight.

The music app is brand new. Its very easy to get around.

iTunes Radio is built into the new Music app. You can stream songs from your favourite artists for free.

Newsstand, the iTunes Store, and Stocks look very different.

The messages app has also been redesigned. Apple made Messages even more minimal than it was before.

Here's what the inside of a folder looks like. You can have multiple pages of apps inside folders now.

Alarms look beautiful but simple.

The calendar does too...

Here's a deeper view of the calendar.

The camera also has a ton more options and features.

This is a glimpse at the new Game centre.

Here's another look at the home screen.

Apple made sure that everything fit perfectly in iOS 7.

Notification centre has been drastically changed too. It's transparent now.

The weather app is simply beautiful.

It offers a ton more information than before.

The video player gets out of your way.

The passcode keypad is simple but elegant.

The camera is now easier to use. It gets out of your way and lets you take photos.

If you lose your phone you can deactivate it and it cannot be used again until you enter your Apple account information.

The Safari browser has a new look with 3D tabbed browsing.

Expect iOS 7 to be available later this fall.

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