We Now Have A Good Idea Of When Apple Will Launch Its New IPhone Operating System

Apple’s newest operating system for iPhones and iPads called iOS 7 is currently going through an intensive testing process.

Today we’ve learned via BGR an almost exact timeframe of when we can expect iOS 7 to reach the masses. BGR says:

After iOS 7 beta 6, Apple will be seeding a GM (gold master) version for its employees and partners to test starting around September 5th. This will mostly likely be the software that is released to the public later on in the month of September, barring any major bugs or problems that might be discovered.

Developers use this testing period to iron out kinks and make sure their apps are compatible with the new operating system. The “gold master” that BGR refers to is the final version of iOS 7 that will be pushed to everyone’s device soon.

Apple is widely expected to announce its latest iPhone along with an official release date for iOS 7 on Sept. 10. If Apple follows its pattern, iOS 7 should be available as a free download within a week of that announcement.

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