Your IPhone Is Going To Look Completely Different In A Few Days

In addition to new iPhones, Apple is launching a brand new version of its mobile operating system this month.

The new version is called iOS 7, and it will be available for iPhones and iPads. If you already have an iPhone or iPad, you’ll be able to download and install iOS 7 for free.

So what’s new?

In iOS 7, Apple has completely redesigned all its apps like Mail, Messages, Stocks, and Weather. The menus and other settings look different too. In short, your iPhone software is going to look completely different in a few days.

Want to see what’s changing? Take a full tour of iOS 7 in the gallery below.

This is the lock screen. You swipe left to right to access your phone.

Here's what the new passcode keypad looks like.

Here's the home screen. It looks mostly the same as before, but Apple has actually completely redesigned all its apps and menus.

This is the new drop-down notifications center. You can see it by swiping down from the top of your screen.

If you tap the 'Today' tab, you get a quick overview of stuff that's in your calendar. It also gives you extra information like the weather or the number of events you have coming up.

You can store a widget that tracks stocks here too.

If you swipe up from the bottom of your screen, you get the new control panel. This has buttons that let you control WiFi, Bluetooth, aeroplane mode, and other basic stuff. You can also adjust the brightness and control music.

The control panel also has a new feature called AirDrop. When you switch on AirDrop, you can swap files and information with other iPhones and iPads using Bluetooth.

The new app folders have a lighter look.

If you swipe down in the middle of the screen, you can access your phone's search function. This lets you look up contacts, apps, text messages, and just about anything else stored on your phone.

Here's what the search results look like.

The camera app has a new look.

You can also add filters to your photos, just like you can in Instagram.

This is the new video player. Its controls pop up on a frosted glass bar.

This is the new phone dialer.

The App Store got a makeover. It now has a plain white background.

Good news: your apps update automatically now. You no longer have to open the App Store to get the latest version on an app.

The settings menu may look different, but most stuff is in the same place as before.

This is the new iMessage and texting app.

The new calendar app.

This is what it looks like when you view a single day in the new calendar app.

The new reminders app.

The new weather app, which looks a lot like Yahoo's latest weather app.

The iTunes movies store.

The iTunes music store.

Speaking of music, the new music app now has a streaming radio service that's kind of like Pandora. It's free, but you'll have to listen to some ads.

You can create a radio station by picking an artist, song, or genre. It's almost exactly like Pandora.

The songs stream over the Web.

Game Center has radically changed.

The new stocks app.

The Safari Web browser.

There's a new 3D effect when you want to open a new browsing tab.

Tabs fan out with a cool 3D animation.

You can share links over text message, email, Twitter, or Facebook.

Apple Maps has new controls.

This is the new email app.

Here's what it looks like when you compose a new email.

The new compass app.

The new voice recorder app.

And finally, here's the new notes app.

What else can you expect from Apple?

Apple's iPhone leaders, Jony Ive and Craig Federighi.

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