Apple Just Launched 7 Excellent Free Apps For iPhone And iPad

apple find my friends

Alongside Apple’s launch of iOS 5, the company also released several great new apps for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch users.

There’s iTunes Movie Trailers, a new app for checking out showtimes and movie previews, Cards, an app for sending family and friends greeting cards, and much more.

Some apps, like Reminders, Apple even bundled in to iOS 5 so you can’t delete them, even if you want to.

iTunes Movie Trailers is our new favourite time waster

What's more fun than procrastinating by watching movie trailers at

Watching the same trailers on your iPhone and iPad, of course.

You can Tweet trailers you like to friends, see a calendar of release dates, and you can even check showtimes and purchase tickets from within the app.

Price: free

AirPort Utility lets you set up routers without using a computer.

AirPort Utility contributes to Apple's 'PC Free' iOS 5 theme by letting you configure Apple routers (AirPorts) straight from your Wi-Fi enabled iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch.

Price: free

Find My Friends is everything Google Latitude wanted to be

Using the free Find My Friends app, you can 'add' your friends, then see their locations on a map.

It's a cool way to keep track of friends and family, and you can even 'friend' someone temporarily if they're trying to find you in a crowded park or beach.

Price: free

Reminders is a great new productivity app

Reminders is an app that comes with iOS 5, and has been a long time coming.

It's simultaneously a to-do app and a reminders app, helping you keep track of things so you don't forget them.

The coolest thing about Reminders is setting location-based reminders such as 'Remind me to pick up groceries when I leave work.'


Newsstand comes with iOS 5, and is like iBooks, but for magazines and periodicals.

Subscriptions automatically download to your device when new issues come out, and the icon even populates images based on what magazines you're subscribed to.

Cards is Apple's new greeting card app

Cards was a big surprise at the iPhone 4S announcement, because it's a way to send hard copy greeting cards in an age where everything is going digital.

Regardless, Apple puts together great photo books, and we'll probably shell out $2.99/card for a few special birthdays. Shipping is included.

Price: free

iMessage is Apple's BBM-killer

iMessage is not a brand new app, per se, but it's brand new functionality embedded inside your Messages app you know and love.

iMessage is essentially Blackberry Messenger, which is an instant messaging app for Blackberry smartphones. You can see when someone's typing, and see when your IM has been delivered.

Lastly, you can send new types of media like your location.

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