Apple just announced some major new features coming to the iPhone's Camera and Photos apps — here's everything that's new

AppleApple’s iOS 13 will bring several updates to the iPhone’s camera and photos app.
  • Apple announced a bunch of big new updates coming to the iPhone camera and photos apps in iOS 13 during WWDC 2019.
  • The camera app in iOS 13 brings a new portrait lighting mode, and you can now adjust the intensity of the lighting effects in existing portrait modes, too.
  • The photos app in iOS 13 comes with loads of new improvements for photo and video editing, as well as major improvements in how your photos and videos are organised.
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Apple announced several new updates, improvements, and features coming in iOS 13, the latest version of the iPhone operating system that will release this fall.

Apple spent quite some time during its annual Worldwide Developers Conference keynote Monday talking about what’s coming to its camera and photos apps in iOS 13 for iPhone.

New camera features include a new portrait mode effect called High-Key Mono and the ability to adjust the lighting intensity for all the portrait mode effects.

And the Photos app is getting quite an overhaul with new photo and video editing options, as well as better organisation for your photos and videos.

Check out all the new features coming to your iPhone’s camera and photos apps in iOS 13:

iOS 13 will come with a new portrait lighting mode called High-Key Mono.


It’s the direct opposite of the existing portrait mode effect that puts the subject against a black background.

High-Key Mono is an effect that replicates studio-style lightning.


With High-Key Mono in iOS 13, the subject is against a simulated bright white background and is flooded with light.

You’ll also be able to adjust the intensity of the lighting for all portrait mode effects to make the lighting appear closer or further away from your subject.

You’ll be able to increase the intensity of the lighting effect in portrait mode, as if you were moving studio lighting closer to your subject. Increasing the intensity of the lighting has the effect of smoothing skin and brightening eyes and facial features.

When you reduce the intensity of the lighting effect, it’s like pulling studio lights away from your subject, which Apple says offers a more subtle and refined look.

Portrait mode lighting adjustments will work with all the portrait mode effects in the Camera app in iOS 13.

Ios 13 portrait lighting

The Photos app in iOS 13 also comes with new photo editing options.

The editing options in the Photos app make it easier to adjust settings.

iOS 13 includes all the existing settings, including brilliance, highlights, shadows, contrast, saturation, and auto-enhance.

New settings are being added in iOS 13, including vibrancy, white-balance, sharpen, definition, vignette, and noise-reduction.

For the first time, iOS 13 will let you edit your videos with a bunch of new options and settings.


In iOS 12, you can only trim a video, which isn’t exactly comprehensive when it comes to editing.

In iOS 13, you’ll be able to edit videos with a bunch of new settings, like adding filters, adjusting exposure, sharpness, highlights, shadows, vignette, brightness, temperature, and several more options.

And you’ll finally be able to rotate videos!

Have you ever recorded a video and realised after you stop recording that the video recorded is the wrong orientation? There’s never been a way to fix that, but Apple finally added the option to rotate videos.

The Photos app in iOS 13 will automatically remove duplicate photos and clutter like photos of receipts.

Using “advanced machine learning,” iOS 13 will remove any duplicate images, and automatically delete clutter like receipts or screenshots.

Photos in iOS 13 will also intelligently organise your photos by days, months, and years so you can find them more easily.


This might finally make some sense of all those photos and videos you take.

The Photos app will “intelligently” create a nice layout for your photos within the day, month, or year albums.


Browsing through your photos and videos looks more like a collage rather than a library.

The years album in the Photos app on iOS 13 can automatically change the thumbnail for each year for certain events to give you a year-over-year view of how something — or someone — has changed.


Photos in iOS 13 will automatically change the thumbnail for the years album for something relevant.

Apple’s Justin Titi demonstrated how Photos in iOS 13 recognised that it was his daughter’s birthday, and the thumbnails for each year in the years album changed to photos of his daughter.

The thumbnails can even be videos that play while you’re scrolling through your years albums. It showed Titi’s daughter growing up over the years, which is pretty neat, and it could make you go into the Photos app in iOS 13 more often, just to see what it’s come up with.

Live Photos and videos will playback automatically while you scroll through your albums.

This makes the Photos app more useful when browsing through your photos and videos. You can quickly look through your albums without having to tap and open the photo or video.

iOS 13 is coming out in the fall of 2019.


iOS 13 will probably come with the new iPhone that Apple is expected to announce in September, as it usually does.

The software update will be available for iPhone 6S and later.

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