Apple's wallpaper selection in iOS 11 is just abysmal

IPhone 8 plus wireless chargingHollis Johnson/Business InsiderOne of the new wallpapers in iOS 11.

Apple released the newest version of its mobile operating system for iPhones and iPads on Tuesday — most of the changes look great, but there’s one particularly disappointing aspect of iOS 11.

The wallpaper selection is just abysmal. Some categories remain unchanged, while others, like the Live wallpapers, lost previously included wallpapers without gaining any new ones.

Take a look.

As in iOS 10, Apple has three wallpaper categories: Dynamic, Stills, and Live.

Dave Smith/Business Insider

In the Dynamic wallpaper category, there have been zero changes from iOS 10 to iOS 11. You still have the same seven options: bubbles bouncing around your screen, with various colours in the background.

Dave Smith/Business Insider

These Dynamic wallpapers have always been my least favourite wallpapers, so it's disappointing to see there were no changes or improvements.

The 'Stills' category saw the most changes. Here's what it looked like in iOS 10, when there were 15 options to choose from:

Dave Smith/Business Insider

There were planets, abstract explosions of colour, and colour gradient wallpapers (not seen here).

And here's the new Stills category in iOS 11 -- now 20 options in total.

Dave Smith/Business Insider

Gone are the wallpapers of other planets, colour explosions, and simple colour gradients. Instead, Apple added wallpapers of flowers, the Earth and moon, and several Apple-themed wallpapers.

Here are those new Apple-themed wallpapers, which take up nearly half of the 'Stills' category. They look pretty snoozy to me.

Dave Smith/Business Insider

The very last wallpaper is a simple black screen -- a throwback to the original iPhone, which had a black background and didn't let you choose the wallpaper.

But the most disappointing move of all was in the Live wallpapers category. Here's what that category looked like in iOS 10:

Dave Smith/Business Insider

There were 9 Live wallpapers in iOS 10, including six exotic fish wallpapers and three wallpapers of various solutions being dropped in liquid, which gives a very cool cloud-like effect.

The Live wallpapers selection was gutted in iOS 11. Now there are only three options.

Dave Smith/Business Insider

Apple removed the animated fish! This is a real shame, since those fish used to be my favourite wallpapers in iOS 10. If you had an iPhone 6s or later, you could press into the screen and the fish would animate back and forth based on your touch. It's a shame that Apple removed these wallpapers and didn't replace them with anything.

In general though, the wallpaper options in iOS 11 are extremely underwhelming.

Perhaps what's most frustrating is that Apple built some really amazing screensavers for the Apple TV -- even showing off those same screensavers at its September 12 event -- but has yet to bring any of those to the iPhone, despite the fact there are many more millions of iPhone owners compared to Apple TV owners.

Here's hoping Apple fixes this dire wallpaper situation in a future update.

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