Apple Is Inviting Select Mac Users To Test A New Sharing Feature Before OS X Yosemite Arrives

In OS X Yosemite, the new operating system for Macs coming in about a month or so, Apple will finally expand its AirDrop feature to iOS devices, which will allow users to share lots of files, including big files, across iPhones, iPads, and Mac computers.

But the engineering team is still working out the kinks before Yosemite releases to millions of customers, which is why Apple is now issuing invitations to “select Mac users” to try swapping files between Macs and iOS devices with AirDrop, and to report their findings on a forum built specifically for this campaign, Softpedia’s Filip Truta reports.

“AppleSeed and the AirDrop engineering team would like you to join us for an AirDrop Test Fest,” Apple said in an email. “What’s a test fest? At Apple we often hold test fests when we want to focus our efforts on a new feature or enhanced function of OS X.”

“To facilitate this we have set up a special discussion topic where everyone participating can contribute their observations and results. There is a special AirDrop survey that will be available in Feedback Assistant. It will guide you through some of things we would like you to try. We will also be providing you with information for writing up AirDrop bug reports.”

This testing period lasts until Sunday.

According to the email, testers need to have two — yes, two — Mac computers in their possession, which both need to be either newer than the 2012 models, or both from older-generation models. The point of using two computers from the same age range is to test both the new and legacy versions of AirDrop. Both computers also need to be running the latest seeded build of OS X Yosemite.

“This is an exclusive opportunity for you to help make AirDrop rock solid when we release it for all our customers this fall.”

Learn more about the features coming in OS X Yosemite here.

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