Apple is investigating the iPhone 7 a surfer says caught on fire

An Australian says an iPhone 7 that he bought a week ago ruined his car after it caught on fire while he was surfing.

Apple is aware of the incident and is currently investigating, a spokesperson tells Business Insider.

Apparently, the surfer left the phone in his car in his pants pocket while he went out to catch some waves.

When he came back, his car was filled with smoke and its interior had suffered some major damage.

He blames his new iPhone, which he told Australia’s 7 News that he never previously dropped.

The news comes shortly after Samsung said that it was discontinuing its Galaxy Note 7 phone because it had a tendency to burst into flames. That recall will cost Samsung billions of dollars, and President Barack Obama even made a joke about the device.

That’s not to say that an iPhone 7 recall is likely or on the table at this point.

All phones with lithium ion batteries have a chance to go up in flames, because of the chemical composition of the battery. And if the car was hot — it is almost summer in Australia — that could’ve contributed to the issue, too.

Apple said earlier this year that it has sold 1 billion iPhones, so there are a lot of them out in the wild.

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