Apple might introduce three new iPhones this year — here’s what we know

Apple will probably announce three new iPhones this year. Rumours about the new phones include changes in display, storage, and RAM. Here’s what we know about them. Following is a transcript of the video.

Text on screen: Apple might introduce three new iPhones this year – here’s what we know. The iPhone might finally ditch the “Home” button and all three models will be full-screen, like last year’s iPhone X. All the new phones will have the TrueDepth camera that enables Face ID and the notch that it requires. One phone will have an LCD screen, while two others will be higher-end, with more expensive AMOLED screens. AMOLED screens have richer colours than LCD screens, and tend to use less power. The LCD version is meant to replace the iPhone 8 and will simply be called “iPhone” – without a number. It’s rumoured to have a 6.1″ screen with a resolution of 320-330 PPI. One of the other phones will be the same size as the iPhone X – and may keep that name. It will have a 5.8″ AMOLED screen with a resolution of 458 PPI. The other will have a 6.5″ AMOLED screen with a resolution of 480-500 PPI. It will possibly be called the iPhone X Plus.

The AMOLED models are rumoured to have 4GB of RAM with the LCD model having 3 GB. These may be the possible storage options. The higher-end models may support the Apple Pencil.

Apple may include USB-C to Lightning cables and an 18W USB-C power adaptor with all the phones. This would enable fast charging out of the box.

The LCD iPhone is rumoured to start around $US699 to $US749. The 5.8″ iPhone X may be priced around $US899 to $US949. And the 6.5″ will probably start around $US999.

Apple will probably debut the new models early September.

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