Apple Reportedly Has A Radical New Plan For India: It’s Going To Sell The IPhone 4 At A Low Price

Apple iPhone 4 India

Apple is planning something pretty radical (by its standards) to sell more iPhones in India.

According to Indian publication, Economic Times, Apple is planning to bring back the iPhone 4 for the Indian market.

“The US company, pressing hard to raise its market share in India, will price the device at around 15,000 through buyback and EMI schemes compared with its old retail price of Rs 26,500, Apple’s four top trade partners in India said requesting anonymity due to confidentiality clauses,” the Economic Times reports.

That translates to ~$245, which is an ultra-low price for Apple. An entry-level iPhone 5S costs $US870 in India.

Apple stopped making the iPhone 4 last year. To get the 4 into India, it’s either going to sell older inventory, or refurbished used iPhones that it has collected through trade-in programs, it seems.

The iPhone 4 is almost four years old. So, it will be interesting to see how the phone does against modern phones from Samsung.

Apple’s share of the smart phone market is down to 1.3% in India, so it needs something. It will be interesting to see how this works.

On a broader level, Apple has professed to not care about market share. It always says it wants to make the best products possible. The fact that it’s reviving the iPhone 4 to ramp sales in India, suggests it cares at least a little bit.