Apple Increases iPad Mini Orders By 2 Million

ipad mini

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Apple increased its iPad Mini order for the holiday quarter, Aaron Lee and Joseph Tsai at DigiTimes report.Citing supply chain sources, they report Apple increased its order for this quarter to 10 million units, up from 8 million.

They also say that production of the iPad Mini is improving, and its possible manufacturers ship 12 million iPad Minis this quarter for Apple.

The story is a little bit confusing, but what we think happened is that Apple initially put in an order for 10 million iPad Minis. Manufacturers were struggling to make iPad Minis, so Apple was only going to get 6-8 million units for the quarter. Then the manufacturers figured it out, and started pumping out Minis. At that point, Apple asked for an increase in orders.

Anyway, the main takeaway is that Apple is ordering as many iPad Minis as possible, and it will probably ship over 10 million this quarter.

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