SOURCE: Apple’s Mobile Ad Business Was Held Back By Steve Jobs’ Illness

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[credit provider=”By Justin Sullivan/Getty Images”]

There’s one part of Apple’s business that might actually improve now that Steve Jobs is no longer running the company: iAd. According to a source familiar with the situation, it was harder for the iAd team to get things done as Jobs became sicker because he called all the shots on iAd.

With Jobs gone, Eddy Cue, who is now responsible for iAds, can make decisions on pricing, technology, and positioning that no one would talk about when Jobs was around.

We asked our source if Apple was still committed to iAds. It hasn’t been mentioned at all on the latest earnings calls, or keynotes. Our source thinks Apple is more committed today than when it initially acquired Quattro, because Apple now owns iAd.

Our source also added that Apple has an opportunity to do amazing things with iAd because it has the most data on a user through iTunes registration and download history.