Apple Hires Back A Newton Guy

As Steve Jobs supposedly prepares a new tablet gadget, he’s hired back someone who was around the first time Apple played in the handheld industry: Michael Tchao, whom the New York Times refers to as “one of the original developers of Apple’s groundbreaking but failed Newton personal digital assistant.”

Let’s hope he has learned something: The Newton launched with hype and promise, but tried to do too much, and ultimately was a disaster. Jobs killed it when he returned to Apple last decade.

Since then, Tchao has been working on some cool stuff, most recently spending seven years at Nike, including working on the Nike+ relationship with Apple.

Apple confirmed to the Times that Tchao’s title will be “vice president of product marketing,” but declined to elaborate.

However, “He’s got the scars and the great ideas” about tablet computing, a former Apple employee who worked with Tchao told the Times.

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