Apple Has Snubbed The UK On Black Friday

After days of speculation, Apple has completely ignored the UK on Black Friday. Many thought the company was just being evasive — tantalisingly silent — in the build up to the big day, but would eventually release deals as they had done in previous years.

In 2013 products such as iPads, MacBook Airs, and iPods were all discounted, Macworld points out.

But as the sales event broke on Friday, Apple didn’t update its site with the expected discounts. Instead, it’s left its World Aids Day charity scheme as its UK homepage. 9to5mac says: “Looks like no black Friday deals in European Apple Stores — just (RED) donations on Cyber Monday”.

PC Advisor adds the company has “thrown a curveball by not offering UK consumers any special deals”.

In the US, Apple is offering gift cards with purchases, but British customers have not even been given the incentive. The only prices that look to be reduced are album purchases through iTunes. Like scores of other retailers’ websites today, there are connection issues; probably due to high traffic.

Apple has previously given deals to UK shoppers on Black Friday. Not this year. It’s a snub to UK shoppers, who were expecting at least something from Apple as Black Friday becomes a huge event in the retail calendar.

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