Apple Has Several More Game-Changing Ideas, Says CEO Tim Cook

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One of the biggest knocks on Apple since Steve Jobs died is that the company is out of world-changing innovative ideas. 

It’s been over three years since the iPad, and Apple has yet to release its next mind-melting product. 

This is a pretty unfair charge for Apple, since it revolutionised the mobile market with the iPhone and the PC market with the iPad.

It’s hard for any company to just crank out one product that changes our lives. It’s incredible if it makes two. To make three in less than 10 years is nearly impossible. 

Yet, that’s what the public now expects from Apple. It’s part of the reason it’s one of the most beloved, respected, and studied companies in the world. 

After three years without a big new product, Apple is seen as losing a bit of its luster. 

CEO Tim Cook was asked point blank in a wide-ranging interview with All Things D founders and journalists Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher if Apple still had game-changing technology up its sleeve. 

His answer, “We have several more game changers in us.” 

He added that Apple has ideas it’s been working on for years, and suggested we’re going to start seeing those ideas manifest themselves soon. 

The culture that built the iPhone remains at Apple, even if some of the people that built the iPhone are no longer there, said Cook. 

While it’s fine for Cook to say this, he has to prove it’s true. He can’t just say Apple has game changing tech, he has to roll it out to the public. 

Cook, and his team, may have been there when the iPhone was built, but Steve Jobs got most of the credit. Without Jobs at the company, a lot of people are sceptical Cook and his team can deliver the next wave of technological change.

If you’re wondering what Apple might deliver, Cook make some seriously strong hints that a wearable computer for the wrist would be a natural fit. 

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