Apple has launched the ultimate Apple Watch user guide

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Along with the launch of the Apple Watch store, the technology giant has also introduced a user guide for the Apple Watch which is expected to be delivered to Australian customers who pre-ordered today.

The ultimate how-to manual runs through everything from getting started, to basics, notifications, glances and every other possible way to use the product.

Here’s a quick look at some of the content in the guide.

Here's what it looks like.

Under the basics tab it runs through how to use and manage the Watch's apps, as well as explanations of what the different icons are and cool new features like Handoff, Ping your iPhone.

The guide explains:

The Handoff feature on Apple Watch and iPhone lets you move from device to device without losing focus on what you’re doing. For example, you can easily check email on Apple Watch, but you might want to switch to iPhone to type a reply using the onscreen keyboard.

It also says the Ping your iPhone feature can help you find your misplaced your iPhone - if it's nearby.

Swipe up on the watch face, swipe to the Settings glance, then tap the Ping iPhone button.

Under the Apple Watch face tab users can learn how to customise their Apple Watch according to the functions they use and need the most.

Apple also provides safety warnings for using the Watch, explaining that users should avoid distractions that could lead to dangerous situations. Here it is under the notifications tab.

Next is the Glances function of the Watch, which provides scannable summaries of the information you view most frequently.

According to Apple it is just a matter of swiping up on the watch face to see glances, then swipe left or right to see different glances.

Among the noise and the apps, the timekeeping function of the Apple Watch can be forgotten. Not only does it have local time, it includes a world clock and the other Apple time function such as alarms, timer and stopwatch.

The Digital Touch functionality allows users to communicate with any friend who also has an Apple Watch by using a sketch, a pattern of taps, or your heartbeat.

The guide also explains how the Watch can track your daily activity, including how often you stand up, how much you move, and how many minutes of exercise you do each day.

Under the Health and Fitness tab of the guide Apple also explains that using the Watch users can also monitor workouts and check their heart rate, as well as keep accurate records of their weight, calories burned, how far you travel, and other data.

The guide explains that some of the functions enabled in the watch won't work unless it is paired with an iPhone, for example the Apple Pay feature.

Under the remote control tab of the guide, Apple explains how users can turn their Watch into a remote for their other Apple products, such as their Macbook and Apple TV.

This function can only work if the Apple Watch and the other product is connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

And last -- but certainly not least -- is the long and detailed safety information tab, which outlines everything from repairing the battery to navigation, charging and skin allergies which may occur when in use.

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