Apple Has A Huge Opportunity In The Ultra-Competitive Phablet Market

Not so long ago phablets — large-screened phones — were ridiculed as goofy-looking and cumbersome. But consumers love them, and phablet sales are booming globally and cannibalising tablet sales.

At BI Intelligence, Business Insider’s research service, we recently completed a proprietary survey of global consumers’ tablet habits and preferences.

One of the questions we asked was whether our respondents were considering buying a phablet in the next two years (we defined a phablet broadly as a phone with a screen larger than 5 inches). Among those who were interested in phablets, which was some 220 people, we asked which brand they were interested in buying.

  • Apple wins. 56% of our respondents, said they would be interested in buying an Apple phablet, “if they release one.” It’s remarkable that phablet buyers would choose a still nonexistent product over a lineup of established phablet brands. Speculation is that Apple could launch a large screened 5.5-inch iPhone 6 in September or October, alongside a standard 4.7-inch model.
  • Android- and Windows-based devices are also in the running. Samsung, not surprisingly since it manufactures the popular Android Galaxy Note phablet, was in second place (22% of prospective phablet buyers) and Nokia/Lumia running Windows Phone software was in third place (7% of prospective phablet buyers).
  • Overall, phablets are competing with tablets for consumer interest.33% of our total survey respondents said they are considering buying a phablet — a smartphone that is almost as large as a tablet — in the next couple of years. An Apple phablet would help the company recapture some of those device buyers reluctant to upgrade their old iPads. (See chart, below.)

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In full, the report:

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