Apple won a patent for an Apple Watch with speakers and touch screens in the band

Apple watch patentUS Patent and Trademark OfficeApple’s ‘modular functional band links’ will help create more uses for a wearable device, the patent says.

Apple on Tuesday was granted a patent for “modular functional band links” that each contain electronic components and are electrically connected to each other and a wearable device, Apple Insider first reported.

For instance, each band link may contain an electronic device like a speaker, switch, button, or touch screen, which the patent document describes as an “input device.”

These input devices are capable of communicating with the main device, such as the Apple Watch, to instruct it to perform an action like playing audio, powering off, or entering into a sleep state, according to the various applications of the band links the patent document discusses.

The band links can communicate to the wearable device as well as with each other in various patterns, described as a “communication bus,” to create lots of different uses beyond what the Apple Watch is currently capable of.

Apple watch patentUS Patent and Trademark OfficeFIG. 3A is a cross-sectional view of the wearable device, showing each band link containing an electrical component. FIGs. 4B and 4C are close ups of FIG. 3A showing how each band link is connected.

It’s important to note that Apple files patents regularly and this does not mean it will launch this type of watch in the future. The images it uses in its patent applications are merely illustrative.

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