BMW and Daimler both refused to help Apple develop a car

Apple car

Apple has reportedly had a hard time getting an automaker to help it develop its first car.

Both BMW and Daimler were reportedly in talks with Apple over a potential partnership to help the tech giant build an electric car, the German news organisation Handelsblatt reported Wednesday.

But those talks have ended because of differences regarding who would lead the project because of discrepancies in which company would lead the project and over who exactly would have ownership of the data, the report stated.

Apple was reportedly trying to work with BMW first, but moved on to Daimler after no agreement could be reached.

Earlier this week, Frankfurter Allgemeine reported that Apple may be partnering up with the vehicle engineering and contracting firm Magna, which is based in Vienna, Austria. Frankfurter Allgemeine also reported that Apple was running a secret lab in Berlin where it had a staff of about 20 to 30 people working on a car project.

Apple, of course, has never confirmed it is working on a car.

Apple, BMW, and Daimler did not immediatley respond to a request for comment for this story.

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