So, How Long Until Google's Value Blows Past Apple's?

For a few years, we would wonder aloud when Apple was going to surge past Microsoft to become the world’s most valuable technology company.

Then, in May of 201o, it finally happened. Since then Apple has buried Microsoft. It’s not even close any more.

Now, it might be time to start thinking about Google chasing Apple. Google just broke through $US1,000 giving the company a market cap over $US332 billion. Apple, meanwhile is over $US500 a share, and its market cap is over $US462 billion.

Using data from the Bloomberg terminal we’ve charted out the market cap of Apple and Google. Google is definitely closing the gap, though the gap remains large.

The difference between Google chasing Apple versus Apple chasing Microsoft, though, is that Apple is a leader in two growing categories — tablets and smartphones. It is also said to be developing new game changing products.

But, technology is a tough industry and Google could come up with a new innovation that buries Apple, or at the very least, propels its stock even higher.

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