I exchanged a crusty old iPhone for $75 in store credit at Apple — and it took only 30 minutes

Kif LeswingMy old iPhone 6.
  • Apple earlier this year debuted a website that will let you check the value of your old Apple products.
  • Apple will give you store credit for working devices, or simply recycle them if they can’t be resold.
  • Here’s how it works.

Over the years I’ve collected a fair number of older computers. Obsolete laptops, phones, and accessories are simply collecting dust and growing even more out of date in drawers and boxes.

Earlier this fall – around the time when Apple usually announces new iPhones or laptops – I thought it was a good time to clear out some of my older gadgetry.

But you can’t just throw old electronics away in the trash. They contain lots of toxic materials that shouldn’t end up in landfills. And sometimes your old phones and laptops retain a little bit of value and can be cleaned up and used again.

I had an old iPhone 6 that I hadn’t used in a year. I brought it into an Apple store without an appointment, and about 30 minutes later I left with a $US75 gift card to Apple.

Here’s how it works:

I started at Apple’s website, which can estimate how much your old devices are worth.


Visit the site here.

It guides you through and asks you a series of questions about your device — does it boot up? Is the screen cracked?


My iPhone 6 was in pretty good shape, so they gave me an estimated value of $US75, which would be paid in an Apple gift card. The website offered to send me a shipping slip so I could mail my old iPhone in.


That was the same price that Gazelle offered, but the one difference is other trade-in companies can offer you cash.


But I had an existing consumer relationship with Apple, and I don’t like to ship things with significant value. I can find something — content in the App Store, a new Apple device — to spend a gift card on. So I decided to bring my old iPhone to an Apple store.

Kif LeswingIt’s not new, but it still works!

As with anytime you give an old computer or phone to another person, you should take the time to wipe your data. It’s pretty easy, just go to Settings > General > Reset. More information here.

You can’t make a reservation for Apple Giveback. When you walk in, you’re supposed to find an employee near the front.

Kif Leswing

Although the store was busy, I was helped within five minutes.

Kif Leswing

The Apple store employee walked me through the same questions that Apple asked on its website: Does the phone turn on? Is the screen cracked? Is it particularly scuffed?

Justin Sullivan / Staff

There was one issue preventing me from trading in my iPhone. I had stuck a magnet on the back so it could work with a dashboard mount — and I couldn’t get it off.

Kif Leswing

The Apple employee told me that that would be considered a “hardware modification” and while they could recycle it, I couldn’t get any store credit without removing it. I had already tried; I knew it was stuck on there. And the other scuffs on the phone were starting to really stick out to me.

Kif Leswing

But, luckily, Apple had a tool that it uses to remove stickers and other things from store devices. A few minutes of effort later, the magnet was removed from the iPhone.

Kif Leswing

From there on, it was only five minutes until I was walking out of the store with an Apple gift card. If I were buying a new phone or anything else, I could’ve used the $US75 in credit instantly.

Kif Leswing

The whole experience only took about 30 minutes from when I got to the store — and that’s including the whole ordeal with the magnet sticker.

Kif Leswing

I’m planning to do it again with old iOS devices. I also have an ageing MacBook Air that I haven’t used in a year. Apple will give me trade-in credit for it, but only online. If I bring it to a store, they can recycle it, but I won’t get anything in return. Still, I think I’m going to use Apple’s program again, especially since it was so easy.

Dylan Love

Apple uses a robot called Daisy to take apart old and returned iPhone 6 units, but I like to think my device will be refurbished and find a new home.


The robot, announced earlier this year, can also take apart other iPhone models so valuable metals and other components can be saved. It can take apart iPhone 5, 6, and 7 devices, including the bigger “Plus” models. More information available at Apple.

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