These Are The Funny T-Shirts Apple Sells At Its Headquarters For Tourists Coming To Visit

I was touring Silicon Valley yesterday, so I decided to stop by Apple’s headquarters to see it in person. I’d never been.

I wasn’t alone in being curious about the place. There were people posing for photos in front of the iconic 1 Infinite Loop sign in front of the company’s headquarters.

I also took a run through Apple’s gift shop, which has some pretty funny t-shirts.

Here is Apple's main building. It's actually very nice, especially compared to some of the other, really boring office parks in Silicon Valley.

And here are some folks posing in front of the sign. It seemed like they were tourists. Which is weird, since Cupertino, California doesn't have a ton to offer an out of towner.

Here's another look at folks that just want a photo of the sign.


Just to the right of the main building is the 'Company Store,' which is part Apple retail store, and part gift shop.

This shirt, which is $US20, is pretty funny. Turns out Apple has a sense of humour. However... turns out that shirt isn't accurate! This Apple t-shirt is actually thinner and lighter.

This, I believe, is a selfie. I liked this 5-panel hat a lot, but I couldn't bring myself to buy an Apple hat.

Some other hats that are nice, in their way.

Another funny t-shirt from Apple.

This one is the cutest.

This woman was using FaceTime to shop for Apple stuff for her family.

And that's about it! The store is pretty neat if you're a big Apple fan.

Now, for Apple's more exciting product...

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