Google Paying Apple More Than $100 Million Annually For iPhone Search Deal

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The rumour that Apple is building its own search engine “isn’t credible,” according to a source familiar with Apple’s operations.

Our source tells us “there’s too many options” for search on the market, so there’s no reason for Apple to build its own search engine.

Another reason Apple might not want to build its own search engine: It’s getting over $100 million a year from Google in its revenue share deal, according to our source.

For Apple, that’s not a lot of money. But, it’s enough that it doesn’t make sense for Apple to put considerable resources towards building its own Internet search engine. And, if Apple wanted more money or options, there’s Microsoft — with Bing and a big checkbook.

While Apple isn’t going to stomp into search, Apple’s deals with Google have become more contentious lately, as the companies are increasingly competing with each other.

Our source tells us when Apple first introduced the iPhone, it hammered out its deal for Google Maps in two weeks. When Apple prepared to launch the iPhone 3G with GPS a year later, it was a six-month process “full of acrimony” to get the maps deal finished.

Google wanted access to all sorts of data from the maps, but Apple didn’t want to give it up, according to this person.

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