The Real Reason People Line Up At The Apple Store

apple store grand centralApple store associates at the Grand Central Station location in NYC this morning.

Photo: Ashley Lutz

We went to the Apple store at Grand Central Station for the launch of the iPhone 5 this morning, where hundreds of people were lined up to get their hands on the device.After waiting in line, going through the store and leaving, we realised that many people weren’t just waiting for the bigger screen or aluminium back. 

They were waiting because Apple does a great job of breeding a retail culture like no other.

Apple employees stood outside the store guarding the entrance with velvet ropes. When we entered the store and showed a wristband, they cheered “Welcome guys! You finally made it!”

In the store itself, we were greeted by many enthusiastic employees who cooed over the iPhone.

“Your relationship with your old phone is like, so over, right?” one employee beamed. “Isn’t it gorgeous?”

Several other employees stopped to ask what my friend and I thought of the phone.

As one customer who waited in line for hours told us, “I feel like I’m at a rock concert.”

“The energy, everything, is the same,” she said. “That’s why I wait, for that experience and excitement of something new.”

Then we left the store, where we were stopped by another employee, whose only job was to stand by the exit and say “congratulations, guys!”

Apple does a great job of training its employees to make shopping there special for customers. Even of the busiest day of the year, the associates were cheerful and happy to help.

Good customer service goes a long way.

And this is what they waited for:

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