Apple Fanbois Are In Love With This Exclusive 'Look' At Samsung's Smartwatch

Picture: VentureBeat

This chunky piece of future timewear looks like some Arnold Schwarzenegger might have rocked in Total Recall.

And back then, we might have elicted a collective “Woo”.

But if VentureBeat’s claim that it is, in fact, Samsung’s “Gear” smartwatch, instead of “Woo” you can read “wtf?”

VentureBeat isn’t saying it is the Gear. It’s saying it’s a photo taken of a video used at the IFA gadget conference in Berlin this week to promote the gadget.

They say it is “very similar” to what Samsung plans to reveal.

On the specs side, details are still as thin as ever – a three-inch screen with a 4 megapixel camera. Battery life is estimated to be around 10 hours.

The Gear has, by most reports, been rushed out by Samsung in response to Apple’s plan to release an iWatch in 2014.

Google also has a smartwatch plan in train, having recently bought startup WIMM labs, which specialise in that sort of thing.

There’s no pictures of an iWatch, obviously, but here’s a popular concept that’s doing the rounds:

Now, it would be unfair to run a pic of a designer’s dream for an iWatch and say it’s much more awesome than a dodgy screengrab of something “similar” to what Samsung plan to reveal, but:

So in the interest of fair play, here’s a reminder that there’s also a cool concept design out for the Gear as well, by tech blog Amongtech, which is actually based on Samsung’s patent drawings and specifications that have been leaked so far:

Maybe we should all just cool our fanboi jets and wait until the real thing actually lobs from Samsung.

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