Apple Allegedly Inspected An iPad Factory Hours Before It Exploded

foxconn explosionIn May, 2011, three workers died in an explosion at Apple-supplier Foxconn

Photo: AP

60-one employees were injured at a Pegatron factory after aluminium dust ignited, causing a fiery blast to sweep through the workspace last December, reports NPR.The sad irony is that this allegedly took place just hours after Apple performed a safety inspection.

An worker named He Wenwen shared his experience: “I saw a fireball coming towards me…I lost consciousness for a few seconds. Later, when I opened my eyes, I saw dense smoke and fire everywhere. I felt scared, really scared. I could hear people crying and screaming.”

The fireball seared He’s face and more than two months after the incident he seems to be wearing “a bright red mask.”

NPR claims that Apple did offer compensation for workers in the explosion until months later when the media organisation started asking questions.

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