Apple swapped all of its executives' official headshots for emoji on its website


  • Emoji were swapped in for the headshots of Apple executives, including Tim Cook, on the company’s website Monday.
  • The profile updates coincide with a published company blog post offering a glimpse at Apple’s new round of emoji, as well as to celebrate the unofficial World Emoji Day holiday.
  • The new emoji will be available for iPhone users in a September software update.

Visitors to Apple’s page for its executive leadership team on Monday were surprised to find that the official headshots were replaced with emoji-fied portraits.

The emoji faces, superimposed on top of the execs’ real-life torsos, are a tongue-in-cheek way for the the company to commemorate the reveal of the next round of emoji, which the company announced on Monday will launch in a free September sofware update for iPhone and iPad.

Apple gave a glimpse of some of the 70 new emoji in a blog post published Monday, including more hair options for human faces, a cupcake, and a kangaroo.

The change also seems to be an early celebration for World Emoji Day, an unofficial holiday to celebrate the ubiqitous emoticons, which is on Tuesday.

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