14 Apple Employees You Should Be Following On Twitter

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Despite all the secrecy at Apple, plenty of employees at the company are on Twitter.

Engineers, designers and even some big name executives are on the social network, though not all of them are actually worth following.

Scott Forstall, Apple’s senior VP of iPhone software, has a Twitter account but has never actually used it. Then there’s Eddy Cue, senior VP of Internet Services, who rarely posts and usually only about the lousy music he’s listening to (Lady Gaga? Really?).

But many other employee Twitter accounts provide insight into what it’s like to work at the company, offer tips for job openings and shed some light on how Apple’s employees feel about rivals.

Thomas Han, iCloud Engineer

Why: Han's feed offers an inside look into Apple's work environment, whether it's tweets about dealing with HR or spotting famous people on campus.

Follow @ThomasHan

Mark Kawano, Designer/User Experience Evangelist

Why: Kawano frequently gives commentary on the designs of other company's products, which is probably as close as we'll get to Apple reacting to new products in real time.

Follow @markkawano

Chris Espinosa, Development Engineering Manager

Why: Espinosa is Apple's longest serving employee (he was the company's 8th hire) and frequently answers technical questions from other users on Twitter.

Follow @cdespinosa

Philip Schiller, Senior VP of Worldwide Marketing

Why: Schiller doesn't tweet much about Apple, but he is one of the highest-ranking employees who actually uses Twitter, and every once in a while you get a nugget like this response to another user about his relationship with Steve Jobs.

Follow @pschiller

Lia Napolitano

Why: Napolitano doesn't tweet every day, but when she does, it usually packs a punch.

Follow @napolisaurusrex

Jordan Breeding, Software Engineer

Why: Breeding engages with other Twitter users more than most Apple employees do, and sometimes he even advertises jobs at the company.

Follow @jorbsd

Harley Cooper, Software Engineer

Why: Cooper does one better than Breeding. He might actually offer you a referral for a job at Apple through Twitter.

Follow @larley

Robert Marini, Software

Why: Marini's account highlights many of the restaurants where Apple employees hang out in Cupertino and New York.

Follow @wisequark

Johnnie Manzari, Senior UI Design

Why: Because he actually tweets funny and insightful comments about the tech industry.

Follow @Jonnie

Steve Cotterill, User Experience Architect

Why: Because he's not afraid to speak his mind and be critical of other tech companies on Twitter.

Follow @stevecott

Jared Frisby, Media Producer

Why: Frisby's feed offers some nice details about what a day in the life life of an Apple employee is like.

Follow @jaredfrisby

Jade Rauenzahn, Front-End Engineer

Why: Because she's really funny.

Follow @zahnster

Mischa McLachlan, Product Designer

Why: McLachlan likes to dole out advice from time to time.

Follow @Zyote

Robert Padbury, UI Designer

Why: Padbury's feed is a running conversation about design and programming.

Follow @padbury

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