Tim Cook Gives Apple Employees $250 Discount On iPads

apple employees

Apple employees will soon be able to get $500 off a Mac and $250 off an iPad, reports 9to5Mac.

Apple made $400,000 in profit per employee last year and it just posted a huge quarter, so it’s nice to see the company return the love to its employees.

When the discounts kick off later this June, however, they come with a few stipulations. Eligible employees have to have been at Apple for 90 days and they can only use the discount once every three years (this might sound a little draconian, but how often do you buy a brand new computer?).

Additionally, the Mac Mini is not eligible for the discount since it starts at $600, quite close to the $500 discount.

The employee discount on hardware was previously 25%, so depending on which device an employee wants, $500 off could make a big difference.

No word yet on if employees will still have access to the 25% discount if it saves them more money, but we’ll be looking into it.