New details leak about Apple's secretive electric car project

Apple may be working on its top-secret car project at a location just minutes away from its main campus in Cupertino, according to a new report from Apple Insider.

The blog just put out a lengthy report with tons of new details about the project, which is believed to be codenamed “Titan.”

Here’s what we learned from Apple Insider, which claims to have spoken with sources familiar with the matter.

  • Apple’s electric car is codenamed “SG5.”
  • It’s well beyond the concept stage.
  • The company is believed to be receiving shipments for components at a location in Sunnyvale, which is just minutes from its main campus at 1 Infinite Loop.
  • Apple has offices in Sunnyvale, but it’s believed to be working on its electric car in a secretive building labelled 175 that reportedly belongs to a market research firm called SixtyEight. This could be a fake company that Apple is using as a front for its car project, but that hasn’t been confirmed.
  • Many of Apple’s auto-related hires, including some from Tesla, are working out of the Sunnyvale campus.
  • These employees have been told to turn their badges around when entering the building to avoid suspicion.

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