APPLE EARNINGS PREVIEW: Break Out The Big Holiday Numbers

Apple santa clausAPApple’s holiday quarter is here!

Apple reports earnings Monday afternoon when the US market closes.

We’ll have live coverage of the earnings, with numbers, news, and analysis as soon as possible, so tune in!

Until then, here is what people are looking for from Apple. Unless otherwise noted, these are what buy-side investors want to see, according to Gene Munster, who polled 20 investors:

  • Revenue: $US58 billion
  • EPS: $US14.35
  • iPhone units: 56-57 million
  • iPad units: 24-25 million
  • Mac units: 4.6 million
  • Gross Margin: 37.5%
  • March quarter revenue: $US45.74 billion (This is sell-side expectations)
  • March quarter EPS: $US10.86 (This is sell-side, and Apple no longer does EPS guidance, it gives the pieces to calculate an EPS)

Aside from the numbers, here’s what else we’re interested in:

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