APPLE EARNINGS: Everything You Need To Know

tim cook

Photo: AP

Apple will be reporting earnings after the close of the markets today, and we’ll have live coverage as soon as numbers are out, so tune in!Until then, here’s everything you need to know about Apple’s September quarter.

Apple is expected to deliver another monster quarter. (All the numbers are below.)

The earnings call will be the most interesting part of the whole thing.

We’ll want to hear if there are any hints of new products coming in Q4. We’re not expecting anything, but last quarter Apple promised interesting things around new movies and TV shows. We didn’t see anything.

We’ll also listen for clues on when Apple thinks it will have enough iPhone 4Ss on hand to meet demand. We’ll also be curious to hear if the company has anything to say about Steve Jobs.

KEY NUMBERS (Street numbers via Piper Jaffray, other numbers from Fortune’s Apple 2.0 blog):

  Street consensus Indy analysts Whisper number Revenue $29.41 billion $33.47 billion $33 billion EPS $7.26 $9.07 $8.80 iPhone units 22 million 22.91 million 22.35 million iPad units 10 million 13.13 million 13.06 million Mac units 4.5 million 4.72 million 4.72 million iPod 6.9 million 7.28 million 7.56 million December quarter revenue guidance $36.63 billion N/A N/A December quarter EPS guidance $8.96 N/A N/AWatch Below: Apple’s Earnings Preview [VIDEO]

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