Check Out The Comic A Lawyer Filed To Fight The DOJ’s E-Book Crusade Against Apple

Cartoon Brief

Bob Kohn, a music licensing expert, is opposing the Justice Department’s suit accusing Apple and several publishers of fixing prices of e-books. And he’s doing it in his own unique way.

Kohn filed a five-page “cartoon brief” to oppose the suit accusing Apple and five book publishers of conspiring to raise and fix e-book prices, Bloomberg reported Tuesday.

The DOJ has settled with three of those publishers, and it’s still fighting its case against Apple. Kohn’s unusual friend-of-the-court brief objects to both the settlement and the suit against Apple.

He says Amazon artificially lowered the prices of e-books, and that the publishers were working together as a way of “countervailing Amazon’s predatory pricing.”

See the entire fun brief below, and scroll to page three for pictures:

Cartoon Brief