Apple Devices Dominate Mobile Video Traffic

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Mobile Video Traffic Forecast

iOS Dominates Mobile Video Traffic (FreeWheel)

The iPhone, iPad, and iPod combine for 75% of mobile video traffic, despite a smaller installed base than Android. Tablets tend to drive ad views on longer videos: nearly 60% of ad views on iPads were generated by long-form content, versus about 25% for iPhones and Android smartphones. Overall, smartphones and tablets accounted for 20% of video views in the first quarter, up from 6% a year ago. Read > 

HTC Has Sold 5 Million Units of the HTC One (The Verge)
Released to rave reviews, it’s still only half the volume of the rival Samsung Galaxy S4, which may further dishearten the struggling phone manufacturerRead >Square Is Expanding to Japan (The Next Web)
It is Square’s first expansion outside of North America, but it won’t be the first mobile payments player in the market: PayPal formed a joint venture with SoftBank in 2011, and there’s also a host of local solutions. Read >

  • In case you missed it, our new report on Mobile In Korea, Japan And Singapore discusses why mobile payments and mobile monetization have been so successful in these markets. 

How to Leverage Market Data to Create Hit Apps (App Annie)
In order to create a successful app, developers should first devote themselves to thoroughly researching the market and understand what consumers are downloading or willing to pay for. Once you clue in on what’s happening in the market, you can extrapolate further to understand what features or specifications made those apps popular. Read >      

Tablet Use Soars Among U.S. Airline Passengers (USA Today)
Although tablet usage patterns are generally closer to PCs than smartphones, they have carved out one truly “mobile” niche: in-flight usage. Read >

A Designer’s Take on Google I/O (The Push)
Adam Beckley’s big takeaway from this year’s I/O was Google’s push to create a unified service, which paradoxically means a more personal experience for users. As part of its push towards a unified ecosystem, this year’s conference had a greater emphasis on design. The infographic at the end of this newsletter looks at I/O from a similar perspective. Read >  

Twitter’s New Ad Tools Are All About The Second Screen (Twitter)
Twitter is pitching its new ad product to brands as a way to continue the stories they tell on TV commercials, and do so online and mobile. Thanks to new analytics, Twitter will automatically know what ads aired on which shows, pair that data with users who tweeted about those same shows or events, and serve those users ads that tie in with the TV commercials that aired during the programming. This strategy is all about leveraging Twitter’s mobile usage as a “second screen” companion app to TV. As Twitter itself highlighted in its announcement, “64 per cent of mobile-centric Twitter users use it in front of TV at the home.” Read >

Showrooming May Not Be as Big a Threat As Thought (MarketingCharts)
New statistics from xAd show that only 6% smartphone users conducted their most recent mobile retail search in-store and that 77% of smartphone retail shoppers ultimately market their purchase in-store. Read >

INFOGRAPHIC: Here’s What Drove Conversations About Google I/O (Mutual Mobile)


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